The Survey Process

Pre-Survey Checklist

After initial contact via phone, arrangements will be made to conduct the survey at or on a specific date and time.

During a pre-purchase survey, it is recommended that the buyer and owner's representative be present. Having the boat prepared for inspection and making her easily accessible by the vessel owner or owner's representative can save time, additional expenses, and make the survey experience more enjoyable.

There are a few important things the client should take care of before the survey date:​​

Survey Inspection

The client, owner, and broker are welcome to attend the inspection.

The length of time needed to conduct the survey will depend upon the type of survey, and the size and condition of the vessel.

The survey routine for a boat already in the water at a dock is as follows:

 1. Inspection at the dock with engines cold.

 2. Sea trial the boat to the marina for a "short haul out" inspection to see the bottom.

3. Launch the boat and continue sea trial.

 4. Any further inspections needed (such as engine diagnostics) back at the dock.

The survey routine for a boat already on a trailer or boat lift is as follows:

1. Meet at the boat ramp and keep the boat on the trailer and dry upon arrival for bottom inspection.
 Meet at the boat lift and raise the boat as high as possible and keep dry upon arrival for bottom inspection.

2. Launch the boat to begin sea trial.

3. Inspection during sea trial.

4. Any further inspections (such as engine diagnostics) needed back at the boat ramp or boat lift.

All components of the interior and exterior of your boat will be inspected for compliance with the current boating safety standards set by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), as well as U.S. Coast Guard standards.

I will refer to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as it pertains to the safe operation of the vessel and its systems.

All cosmetic, functional, and safety issues on the boat will be documented, photographed, and provided to the client in a detailed survey report.

Survey Report

An emailed survey report is provided to the client usually within two business days. This report can then be used to make educated decisions on purchasing, selling, insuring, or financing your boat in a timely manner following the survey.

The report will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the vessel utilizing the mandatory standards, laws, regulations, and recommended practices. A list of findings and recommendations for deficiencies will be included in the report. The survey will report the overall condition of the vessel, physical appearance, electrical equipment, and geographic location, to determine the estimated fair market value of the vessel. ​​

Photos will be provided electronically with all survey reports. If an engine evaluation was requested, engine diagnostic results will be included with the report. If requested, oil sample results will be sent usually within 3 business days.

A marine survey is the assessment of the surveyor that inspected the craft as to the conditions that existed on the craft at the time of the inspection. It is not a guarantee, warranty, or insurance policy.​ The survey report will only be provided to the client who requests the survey.


The cost of a marine survey varies with the type of boat, size, age, and location, as well as the type of survey requested. Investing in a professional marine survey with Xtreme Marine Surveying can have the benefit of saving you much larger repair or maintenance costs down the road.

A survey can often times save buyers money as we typically identify deficiencies that lead to a reduction in the purchase price.

Complimentary quotes will be provided to clients following a discussion of the survey request, which will outline what specific services will be provided.

There will be an additional charge for a second trip to the vessel if requested.

Acceptable forms of payment include:
- Cash
- Check
- Zelle
- PayPal
- Credit Card

Full payment is required by the day before the survey if you are paying online with a credit card, PayPal, Zelle, or if you will not be present for the survey to confirm your appointment.

If you will be present for the survey, full payment is accepted anytime before the inspection or at the time of the inspection if you are paying with cash, check, or a credit card in person.

Please note that all payments provided with PayPal or Zelle must be provided at least 1 day in advance of the survey. The survey report will be delivered only after full payment is received.

Boat surveys provide peace of mind and negotiating power. Don't make a boat purchase without one!
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