Buying a Used Boat? Don’t Skip the Marine Survey

February 4, 2022

Whether you are buying from an independent retailer or retailer, there is one step in the purchase process that should not be overlooked. Hire a professional marine inspector to inspect potential purchases. A marine survey is a complete test of the integrity of a ship's equipment and machinery, plumbing and electrical systems, and other components. Specialist land surveyors inspect the ship's condition and look for clues that might lower the boat's value or create unsafe conditions.

Good surveyors are like detectives who follow tracks left by water leaks, rust or pressure cracks to identify expensive problems. But there are no rules governing inspectors that can guarantee that the prospective buyer will hire a qualified person. Two organizations, the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) and the Society for Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) have become accredited authorities for the evaluation and certification of a professional marine explorer. Based in Central Florida, Tim Haines has been surveying boats for 2 years.

“Getting a qualified researcher is really important, banks and insurance companies are also starting to need surveys from SAMS- or NAMS-certified inspectors before sponsoring or covering many ships.

If the buyer is interested in a boat far away from home, a site inspector close to the ship can also be kept for a preliminary inspection to see if the boat complies with the information on the ad. Vendors may use the excellent artwork that they use to paint their boats, but those pictures may not be accurate presentations of the current state of the ship.

Once the boat has been visibly inspected and meets the buyer's expectations, a site inspector may be hired to conduct an in-depth inspection.
A thorough maritime assessment should be done before any price negotiations can begin as the findings may be helpful in negotiations if the vessel is found to be suitable for sailing.

Boat surveys provide peace of mind and negotiating power. Don't make a boat purchase without one!
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